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Latest News

Mini Guide to Buying Antiques

A Beginner's Guide to Buying Antiques by Laura Gaskill - The world of antiques has so much to offer, and it is more accessible than you might think. If you've been considering adding an antique piece or two to your home but are not sure where to begin, this mini guide covers the basics,…
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Why Buy Antiques?

Type "antique" into and some pretty unflattering synonyms pop up: aged, elderly, obsolete and out-of-date. I beg to differ! Maybe it's because I grew up in a home filled with antiques from around the world. Maybe I am just getting old (aged, elderly, obsolete and out-of-date…). But I can't imagine decorating a room without…
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7 Reasons Why People Collect Antiques

There are many reasons for people to collect antiques or to become an Antique collector. In addition, people have different views about owning antique collectibles. For example, my grandmother was a big collector of antique chairs and had them through out her house. My grandmother became a collector of antique chairs because it reminded her…
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